Friday, August 13, 2010

David Beckham Tatoos

David Beckham is known as much for his fashion sense and tattoos as he is for is abilities on the playing field.However, no matter what this sports star does, the talk always comes back to his tattoos.The majority of Beckham’s skin art has been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy, one of the most prominent in the UK.

David Beckham's Tatoos

David Beckham's Tatoos

Beckham has had several pieces of ink added to his back over the years. They include:

Brooklyn - the name of his first-born son runs across his lower back.

Romeo - the name of his second son sits just below the base of his neck.

Cruz - the name of his third son is placed just below the winged figure.

Guardian Angel - this is how Beckham has described the figure with arms outstretched that sits between his shoulder blades. This tattoo was later expanded to include larger wings.

Winged Cross - Beckham was in the midst of the 2004 World Cup when he had his UK tattooist, Louis Malloy, flown in to do this piece on the back of his neck. The British fans' reactions were a bit mixed, with some saying this tattoo and his shaved head made Beckham look like a hooligan.

Chinese Characters - this one is the very latest tattoo (revealed March '08), coming close on the heels of the full left forearm he had done in early 2008. Sources say the tattoo seen running down the left side of his torso on his ribs is Mandarin Chinese and reads 'Death and life have determined appointments, Riches and honors depends upon heaven.

David Beckham's Tatoos

David Beckham's Tatoos

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